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Application for renewal of debt collection permit

Information for those who have a valid debt collection permit that must be renewed.

The responsibility for debt collection will be transferred to Finansinspektionen (FI)

Please note: On January 1, 2024, the responsibility for licensing and supervision of debt collection operations will pass from the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) to Finansinspektionen (FI).

Those who have a valid debt collection permit that is about to expire must apply for renewal of the permit in order to continue to operate their debt-collection activities.

Always state the legal registration number or personal registration number if it is an individual who runs the debt-collection company, in the renewal application. Please state the IMY case number for your previous permit.

Unchanged operations

If there have been no changes in your debt-collection operations and it is the same individual responsible for legal expertise and judgement, it is sufficient that you state this in the renewal application. No other documents need to be submitted and it is sufficient to apply one month before the current permit expires.

Changes to operations

If you have changed your debt-collection operations so that the descriptions previously submitted are no longer correct, send in new descriptions when you apply for permit renewal.

Change of legal and/or judgement expert

If you wish to replace the person responsible for the legal expertise and judgement in your operations in connection with your application for renewal of permit, you must prove that the new person has sufficient legal expertise and judgement. Do this by submitting the following in connection with the application:

  • Description of the designated person's role in the organisation.
  • Certificates and transcripts that prove the person's theoretical education and/or practical experience of debt-collection activities or comparable practice.
  • Personal certificate — should not be more than three months old.
  • Certificate of non-Bankruptcy — should not be more than three months old.
  • Certificate proving that the person is not banned from operating a company — should not be more than three months old.
  • Statement of any unpaid debts with the Swedish Enforcement Authority or equivalent — should not be more than three months old.

If you wish to change the person responsible for legal expertise and/or judgement, submit your application for renewal — together with associated documents — at least two months before the current permit expires. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will be without a permit to conduct debt-collection activities for a certain period of time.

Latest update: 23 November 2023
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