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About us

Our vision is a society where personal privacy is valued and respected.

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) is an agency tasked with ensuring that people are protected against their personal privacy being violated through processing of personal data. On these pages you can among other things read more about what goals the agency has, how we do our job and how you can contact us.

We act as a counterforce against unauthorised registration. We train and inform those who process personal data. We check that the laws are complied with and exert influence so that new laws contain rules that protect privacy. We manage contacts in a growing international collaboration. We give advice and disseminate knowledge.

We receive a large number of enquiries every day. They come from companies, authorities and organisations who want to know what legal requirements they have to satisfy and how to do things right. Members of the public who want to be able to exercise their rights also contact us. We have an information service where legal experts answer questions by phone and e-mail. On this website you will find basic information and guidance within our field.

Latest update: 21 December 2023
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