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Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) has about 120 employees, most of whom are lawyers. Our organisation reflects our areas of operations and the way we work.

Our units

Lena Lindgren Schelin
E-mail: lena.schelin[at]

Phone: 073-514 27 32

Areas of responsibility

  • that the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s regulations and decisions are legal, consistent and uniform
  • legal support for the activity
  • EU cooperation and other international work

Head of Unit

David Törngren

Data Protection Officer

Amelie Julin, dso[at]

Areas of responsibility

  • Strategic management and development

Head of Unit

Karin Lönnheden

Responsibility for coordination

  • Information Security
  • The Authority's Supervision Process

Head of Unit

Katarina Tullstedt

Areas of responsibility

  • Answers written questions and provides guidance by telephone
  • Receives and handles complaints within, among other things, GDPR and camera surveillance
  • Holds educations and lectures
  • Handles notifications of personal data breaches 

Head of Unit

Eva Bergholm Guhnby

The unit focuses on monitoring that the rules governing protection of individuals' private life are respected where extensive personal data or personal data that is particularly sensitive from the point of view of privacy is processed within e-administration, care, education and research.

Areas of responsibility

  • Public sector (except the legal system and defence)
  • Care
  • Education (schools, universities, etc.)
  • Research
  • Working life

Responsibility for coordination

  • E-administration
  • E-communication

Head of Unit

Malin Blixt

Areas of responsibility

  • Debt recovery
  • Credit rating information
  • The Swedish Enforcement Agency's registers
  • Bolagsverket (The Swedish Companies Registration Office)
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Customers
  • Members
  • Direct marketing

Responsibility for coordination

  • The Authority's call-center
  • Internet-related matters

Head Of Unit

Catharina Fernquist

Areas of responsibility

  • Law enforcement
  • Judicial operations
  • Prisons and probation
  • Defence and foreign intelligence activities
  • Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's role concerning appeals under the Camera Surveillance Act
  • Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's role as central supervisory authority under the Camera Surveillance Act

Responsibility for coordination

  • External training and education
  • Personal data officers
  • International operations
  • Camera surveillance

Head Of Unit

Charlotte Waller Dahlberg

Areas of responsibility

• IT
• Digitalization
• Security
• Total Defence and Emergency Preparedness
• Crisis Management

IT and Security Manager

Joakim Nyberg (including Protective security manager)

Areas of responsibility

  • Registry and post

  • Archive and information management

  • Administrative support to director-general and other units

  • Office administration

  • Property management

  • Reception

Head of Administration

Karin Malmborg

Areas of responsibility

  • Internal and External Communication
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Education
  • External analysis

Chief Communications Officer

Annicka Nordlander-Karlsson

Phone: 076-311 15 11


IMY:s transparency council

IMY is a so-called "enrådighetsmyndighet" with a transparency council that oversees the authority's work. The transparency council has the following members:

Lena Lindgren Schelin
IMY:s Director-General,
chair of the transparency council since March 2018

Peter Hedberg
Member of Parliament (s)

Åke Holmgren
Head of department Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Linn Kempe
General Counsel Agency for Digital Government

Jonas Ledendal
researcher senior lecturer Lund University

Kristoffer Löfblad
Member of Parliament (sd)

Simona Mohamsson
The Liberals

Susanne Nordström
Member of Parliament (m)

Ari Stenman
Head of Security, The Swedish Police  


Latest update: 16 May 2023
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