Complaints and tips

If you suspect that someone is processing data relating to you in a way that contravenes the General Data Protection Regulation, you can lodge a complaint with Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. You can also give us a tip.

Try to resolve the problems yourself first

Before contacting Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, always try to resolve the problems yourself. Contact people you think are not doing things right and tell them what you think is wrong. They should then investigate what has occurred and hopefully rectify the error so that you can feel satisfied.

Should they not do so, you can contact Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. In your report, tell us what you have done and attach any correspondence between you and the people you are reporting. All documentation is then useful to us since it helps us to assess your report and make a decision on how to proceed with the matter.

If you for some reason cannot or do not wish to contact the persons you feel have done something wrong, you can make a report to Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection decides on whether to make an inspection

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection will receive your report but is not obliged to act on a tip or a complaint. Whether we decide to make an inspection or not depends among other things on

  • whether it is a matter of a recurrent and systematic breach of regulations
  • if there are serious shortcomings
  • if it is a single case or a general breach of regulations
  • if it is something that Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection has already investigated.

If we begin an inspection, we do not do so as your representative. We will thus not represent you and you will not be a party in the matter.

You will be informed of whether we will begin an inspection or not

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection registers you report and decides on whether to make an inspection. Irrespective of what we decide, you will always receive a reply from us where we tell you whether there will be an inspection or not.

If we make an inspection, you will receive a copy of the decision that follows the inspection. You will thus be informed of the results of our inspection.

It may happen that we do not make an inspection after receiving a tip or complaint. This does not mean that the person about whom you have made a complaint has acted correctly or incorrectly, but that we have quite simply not prioritised the matter for further attention. We might also choose to use the information in the complaint at a later date.

Form: Complaints and tips

You can use this pdf form to submit your complaint. Fill in the form and send it by e-mail to or by post to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm. See the instructions on the form.

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection is currently developing an e-service for submitting complaints. Until this is ready, use the form above.

Everything you send in to us is classified as an official document

Everything you submit becomes a so-called official document that the general public and the media can request access to. For this reason, do not write more than necessary in your report and avoid sensitive information.

If anyone requests access to the information, we make a confidentiality assessment to determine whether the information is to be classified as confidential or not. We then decide if the information can be disclosed in whole or in part.

Swedish version
If the information in other languages are different from the Swedish version, it is the Swedish version that applies.