Supervision and checks

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection will supervise processing of personal data at law enforcement authorities in the same way as we supervise such processing by other organisations. We will also work to ensure that the exchange of information between law enforcement authorities functions, administer complaints from the data subjects, carry out checks of whether the processing is lawful and decide on fines if the authorities break the law.

My rights as a data subject – extracts from registers and checks of lawfulness

You have the right to be told if a law enforcement authority holds information relating to you. You should then contact the law enforcement authority, for example the Swedish Police. Bear in mind, however, that certain information is protected by secrecy, for example information that concerns security and intelligence work, and the authority cannot disclose this information.

If you wish to request an extract from a register you must contact the authority personally and request that they provide you with the personal data relating to you that they are processing. If the data relating to you is not accurate, the authority must correct it. The authority might for example have an incorrect address for you, your name might be wrong, etc. If you are not satisfied with what the authority does, you can lodge a complaint with Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.

You can also request a so-called lawfulness check. You must then first have been told that you cannot be given information by, for example, the police. Then you can request that Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection conduct a check. You must state what it is that you wish us to check, for example a certain register. During the check Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection looks at whether the law enforcement authority processes your personal data in accordance with the law. When it has been completed, we tell you that the check has been performed but for reasons of secrecy you are not normally told if the authority holds information relating to you in its registers.

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