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Our e-services are closed

Unfortunately, you cannot reach our e-services at the moment.

Report a personal data breach

You should notify a personal data breach within 72 hours after having become aware of it. If our e-services remains closed due to maintenance or temporary problems, you can report a personal data breach by filling out a pdf-form and send it to us by mail. We will take into account the amount of time it takes for the letter to reach us.

Please send the completed form by mail to:
Box 8114
104 20 Stockholm


Data breach notification (pdf 846 kB) (pdf, 846 kB)
Supplementary information regarding a data breach notification (pdf 707 kB) (pdf, 662 kB)
Cross-border data breach notification (pdf 1 MB) (pdf, 1 MB)
Supplementary information regarding a cross-border data breach notification (pdf 700 kB) (pdf, 671 kB)

Latest update: 11 May 2023
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